Applying a Corporate Counsel Position

Mr. Smith,

I am an accomplished corporate attorney with a successful career and have enclosed my resume for your review. Throughout my positions at State Farm Insurance, I have been praised for my ability to direct multiple legal cases and manage a large staff of lawyers.

I believe I have mastered the art of contact management, corporate networking, and personal relationship building. In doing so, I developed a thorough knowledge of all aspects of business law. Listed below are some accomplishments of which I am proud:

  • Promoted twice over a five-year period to my present position as Legal Counsel after demonstrating exceptional legal and managerial expertise.
  • Acknowledged for leadership skills in corporate and governmental affairs. Serve as an advocate and liaison between clients and corporations.
  • Experienced in the areas of litigation, arbitration, mediation, and budgetary management.

Thank you for your consideration. I believe my success as a professional reflects my personal integrity, extensive communication skills, and willingness to work hard. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss how I may make a positive contribution to your executive team.

Sincerely yours,